Your Dream Kitchen

Our trade-in program is simple, we appraise your kitchen in its current state, apply a credit towards your brand-new kitchen, and donate cabinets and other materials once the demo begins. Your donation not only helps Catholic Charities feed hungry families in our local area, but it also could save you up to $2,000 towards the purchase of your dream kitchen. Save money and help to better our community with Haney's Kitchen Trade-In Program.

Step #1:

Browse Our Showroom

Stop by Haney’s at 236 Van Buren Road in Caribou and browse our selection of high-quality cabinets, counter tops, flooring, and appliances. You can also browse our product pages here: Kitchen, Bath, & Flooring

Step #2:

Schedule a Consultation


Schedule a FREE in-home consultation and kitchen appraisal. No matter what condition your current kitchen is in—it does have value and could be worth up to $2,000 towards the purchase of your brand-new kitchen. 

Step #3:

Design & Plan

Haney’s 20+ years of experience can provide you with practical design ideas that fit your lifestyle and budget. Schedule an appointment with our team to go over options, products, and features for your kitchen design.

Step #4:

Shopping for Details


In this step Haney’s can help you pick out flooring, cabinets, fixtures, and appliances. Everything you need to make your kitchen welcoming and functional. You can shop in our showroom or visit our Kitchen, Bath, & Flooring page for a complete list of products and brands.

Step #5:

Estimate & Financing 


Haney’s will provide a detailed estimate which includes products and labor with no surprises. You can take advantage of our easy in-house financing and skip the bank's lengthy process. Read more about in-house financing here.

Step #6:

Making a Difference


Donating your cabinets to Catholic Charities, allows them to sell the cabinets, then take the proceeds to feed hungry families in our local area.

Step #7:

Sit Back & Relax


We will oversee your renovation from start to finish, arranging all the contractors needed to complete the entire project. You can enjoy stress free renovating and make a difference in your community.

Step #8:

Enjoy Your New Kitchen

Think of all the memories you will create gathered with family in your kitchen for holidays, birthdays, and much, much more.